A Family’s Love at First Sight

They were looking for a farm to restorate… By chance, while staying at the Charriole for a family reunion, they had a coup de foudre… “It’s exactly what we need”, said Valérie Dehus, and she had no hard time to talk her husband into takig over the business, in May 2015.


And that’s how Valérie and Stéphane Dehus, both aged 47, took over without losing any time. “It was May 29, on Mother’s Day”, valérie recalls. She is in charge with the cooking, while Stéphane manages the reception and service.


With the help of three employees and the good recipes of Grandma Régine, 69 years old, who takes care of the vegetable garden, Valérie and Stéphane Dehus, parents of Manon (12) and Raphaël (7), knew they had a challenge to take.


“You must live your life, at the risk of seeing yourself fail. We trust ourselves, we have faith, and we’ll see” say the new owners, who’ve already won a more regional and local clientele.

Vosges Matin, August 31 2015